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Engineering – Chemistry – Rheology

Raail products are compromised of a advanced thermoplastic organic and synthetic polymers.


Think of a skin for your car, protecting it just like your skin does for you.

What is Protek / Xytek and Removable / Peelable Paint?

Raail manufactures and produces a range of revolutionary products for a ever changing society.


The Protek line is a peelable coat offered in either clear or any variation of color. It is solvent based and affordable. It can be applied with any HVLP Spray system.


The Xtyek line is a peelable coating same as Protek, clear or colored. Xytek however is a LOW VOC coating compliant with business state emissions for all 50 states. It also contains no chemicals that are know to cause cancer or reproductive health studied by the state of California.


Both coatings are designed to be used outdoors for years. They remain very elastic that helps peelability and contain automotive grade UV protection.

Where do I go to have this installed?

We have Certified installers nationwide with a growing network every day. 


Contact us direct and we will find a installer near you.


As to the similar nature, the product can also be applied at any willing paint or auto body shop.


We offer free training to insure your wrap is done properly.

How long does the wrap last?

Product carry’s a two year product replacement warranty to any fading, cracking or yellowing. Proper care can greatly extend the product life as the 2 year warranty is assumed for the highest abuse from the sun and elements. Typical life of the product is 5 years. After 5 years the product will become harder to remove as any vehicle wrap.

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